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CVL on Wiener list of software tools

CVL on Wiener list of software tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 31 August 2020

User FAQs

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who should be contacted when we have questions and for new software installation requests on CVL?
  • For general CVL questions and installation requests send an email to helpdesk
  • For specific questions about Wiener, get access to CVL@Wiener and UQRDM collections links from Wiener send an email to
  1. Desktop Settings

It is recommended to use Chrome to launch a desktop.

  • When launching and running a desktop on Awoonga You can only choose the desktop duration in hours. 4 hours is the default and 24 hours is the maximum.
  • When launching and running a desktop on Wiener You can change the various parameters e.g. nodes, processors per node, memory and time. To guide you the defaults are 1 node with 1 processor in that node, 4GB of memory and 4 hours. This default will work with most applications if you notice or know you need more memory, change the field to 8GB.
  • For those who need to use the maximum resources: you can request: 1 node, 16 processors in that node, 8 GB of memory and 24 hours. Note that memory is a total of mem * number of processors, 8 * 16 = 128 GB.
  • The team is working to provide you with default flavours, meanwhile use the defaults, and add memory up to 8GB when needed.
  1. Connection issues

Desktop connection might take a couple of minutes if there is heavy network load. We recommend you to wait, if it takes more than a minute to refresh, if issues persist close the tab and reopen it.

  • If you see a “no network connection error” it can be resolved by clicking the arrow down and then click on logout.
  • If you see a pink box “Connection error” Try clicking on the logout button, sometimes the cache needs to be cleared, it will not kill your desktop session, just reset the browser cache. If you see this multiple times in one session please send an email to helpdesk.
  1. Menu errors

Sometimes the top menu (Applications, places , system) is inaccessible. We recommend stopping the desktop and after a few minutes start a new desktop.

  1. What is the difference between using the CVL at Wiener vs Awoonga?
  • Awoonga, and hence the CVL on Awoonga is available for all QCIF members. Awoonga does not have GPU acceleration. At the moment there are only 4 CVL desktops available concurrently on Awoonga. The list of Software on Awoonga is larger than on Wiener.
  • Wiener and hence the CVL on Wiener is available for the UQ and JCU community, due to its funding. Wiener has been designed specifically for imaging-intensive science, generated by UQ’s world-leading microscopy facilities. It has larger resources allocated (see desktop settings). At the moment there are 24 CVL desktops available on Wiener. The list of Software available on CVL@Wiener is available here: For more information on Wiener:
  1. How to access RDM collections/ storage?
  • On CVL on Awoonga /QRISdata folders
  • On CVL on Wiener /afm01 or /afm02 folders

There is temporary space on both systems, depending on your use case.

  • On Awoonga, you will be able to stage data into /30days or /90days.
  • On Wiener, you can use /scratch/cvl.
  1. Is it possible to map a RDM share to the CVL?

RDM collections can be made available to the underlying HPC systems by opening a ticket with QRIScloud support (

  1. CVL desktops vary on looks

The Menu for Applications seems a little different to the Massive and Awoonga - maybe we should start to get similar “listing and looks” as this is part of the ACCS project. Also, the “icons” should be the same so users don’t need to “look” for other symbols and wordings. We already plan to standardise the menus and available applications across all CVL nodes, and the menus will be updated as more applications are deployed.

  1. Fonts and typing errors If you experience issues when typing in please take a screenshot and describe when this happens. Then send an email to helpdesk to look into it. It seems that special characters µ (micro) does not work. Edan: Please check the keyboard layout. The font size was really small on desktops. Change the resolution and font size On Awoonga and Wiener: Top menu> System > Preferences > Look and Feel > Appearance > Fonts

Contact details

For any inquires, feedback, software requests and to report user experience issues about the CVL@Wiener, please send an email to QRISCloud helpdesk.

Last updated 31 August 2020

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