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UQ - Research Data Culture

UQ - Research Data Culture

Last updated 25 February 2020

Presentations Date: 07 Feb, 2020 Duration: 1 day (9:00 - 5:00) Location: Brisbane, UQ Advanced Engineering Building Target Audience: UQ Research Students and EMCRs

Research Data Culture

To be data-driven requires an overarching data culture that couples several elements, including high-quality trustable data, broad and relevant access, data literacy and fit data-driven decision-making processes.

As a research intensive university UQ works hard on enabling high quality research. First, our infrastructure foresees and enables data collection, data management, maintenance, archiving and security. The line items add up, but none of these would be valuable if researchers like you, don’t know what is available or how to access it.

The purpose of this forum is to inform the UQ research community of the resources available and invite collaboration from other research institutions.


Speakers have made their presentations available. Here you will find resources such: Training, computing and support offerings in software, research skills, publishing and research management. Not only institutional but at a national scale too. Remember, if done well, a thriving data-driven team can reap huge rewards, and that is what we envision.

Topics Presenter
Opening Dr Paula Andrea Martinez
Motivation - Culture Change Prof Graham Galloway - NIF
UQRDM / Library Cassandra Graesser - Introduction to the UQ Research Data Manager
Computing resources UQ/QLD, RCC/QCIF Dr Marlies Hankel - Research Computing Centre / Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
Morning tea break  
Data intensive science example Samual MacDonald - Preserving scientific integrity in deep learning
National Computing resources: NCI, Pawsey, MASSIVE, NCMAS Jane Frazier - National High Performance Computing Capabilities
Responsible Research Panel Dr Francis Gagenga, Samual MacDonald, Jane Frazier, Dr Danny Kingsley

Afternoon workshops

Topics Presenter
UQ Research Data Manager - For questions email Fei Yu - UQ RDM workshop - for UQ researchers
Reproducibility steps Paula Andrea Martinez - Reproducible Research Workshop - for everyone


All presentations from the morning have been made available via OSF look at the tab of files, you can download individual files or a zip containing all the presentations.


You can email Paula Andrea Martinez for any questions.

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