About the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory Community

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory Community

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) community is a group of researchers, university lecturers, and health professionals who engage in developing and maintaining materials for training and practice and encourage best data practices, including the use of the CVL infrastructure.

This website collects tutorials, slides, and exercises developed and maintained by the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory community.

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory

CVL user

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory is a free cloud-based virtual desktop workbench to perform analysis of complex image and microscopy data. It serves to run analyses in a large computing infrastructure, all embedded in a web browser accessible using AAF (Australian Access Federation), and connected to a HPC (high performance computing) infrastructure.

For more information please visit https://cvl.org.au.

CVL Software Tools

The available tools on the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory are listed under Software and versions documentation.

Virtual Laboratories, like the CVL, can save researchers time as they do not have to create and maintain their own online environments and software tools.

Virtual Desktop

Currently the virtual desktop service is provided as a national resource by MASSIVE Multi-Modal Australian Sciences Imaging and Visualisation Environment.

A new deployment of the CVL in Queensland provided by QRISCloud is currently being tested and will become available in next months. Read more about the RCC deployment of the CVL here.

Sign in to CVL

You can create accounts to use the CVL either in the MASSIVE infrastructure as a national resource, or test the CVL at QRISCloud following these instructions.


CVL supports extensions of MyTardis data management platform to support instrument facility data, HPC storage and external storage.

Contact for General enquiries

Email: MASSIVE helpdesk.

Thank you for your support!


The CVL is funded by ARDC and supported by MASSIVE in partnership with Monash University, Microscopy Australia, ANSTO, NIF, and the universities of Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia and Wollongong. As a national resource we welcome users of other institutions who will benefit from using the CVL.

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